In order to build wealth in a service driven economy you must reserve your equity cash flow due to the high-cost of living expenses, such as; food, clothing and shelter. Reverse Equity Capital is wealth building dollars that are saved on over priced necessity goods and services, such as high-rent. Saving Reverse Equity Capital allows you to convert excess spending dollars into more buying power. Reverse Equity Capital is valued at ten time more than other monies earned, because it is skimmed off the top of your regular earning.

Our buy one and rent the other method of purchasing condo apartments allows you to live in one and lease the other. This allows traditional renters can release the power of their Reverse Equity Capital and enjoy a rent free life style. Individuals who join our condo apartment purchasing groups can reverse their equity cash flow and our group buying partnerships bring down the cost of living, thereby, allowing you to increase your net worth.